PD4GapewatermarkedI breed a small number of Crested Geckos (correlophus ciliatus, formerly rhacodactylus ciliatus) as a hobby. They make great pets and I have been keeping Crested Geckos for about 10 years now. I started breeding in 2010 and had a blast finding eggs and watching babies hatch. I had a total of 11 hatchlings that first season. Everything went really well and all of them were healthy and found great homes so I have decided to expand this year. (written in 2011)

I have invested in some nice breeders and will have more eggs and babies this season. I am also branching out and vending at a few reptile shows (New England Reptile Expo in Manchester NH, Massachusetts Reptile Expo, and Portland Reptile Expo in Maine) where I will have geckos, food, and setups for sale.  I’m keeping things relatively small and focusing on producing nice, quality, healthy geckos.

Pictured below is Chucky, my very first Crested Gecko. I took him in when his owner didn’t want him anymore (they had dumped him at a petstore door). I had no idea what a crested gecko was or how to take care of them initially, but shortly after meeting this cool little guy, I was hooked. A few years later, I purchased Spot and Momma (my first ever breeders) as babies. A couple of years later, Momma laid her first pair of eggs and this whole crazy adventure began!