Updated photos of my first hatchlings of the season.

The first little guy was hatched May 31st and the second one (Lucky #13) hatched June 4th. They will be available to go to new homes in a few weeks. Both of them have been eating and growing really well. I am up to 9 eggs incubating now so I’ll be pretty busy in the… Read more »

Gorgeous New Breeders :-)

I’ve decided that I’d really like to focus on pinstripes for my future breeding projects because I love how they look. I found a good deal on a breeding pair and they just came in yesterday. Their names are Pumpkin and Zeus and their pictures are in my Adults section. Unfortunately, Pumpkin was upset about… Read more »

Another Baby Hatched

Finally…the clutchmate of the baby from last week (#12) decided to make an appearance. I was starting to get a little worried about Lucky#13.