More Geckos, More Eggs

The first eggs from the Cera and Spot pairing hatched a couple of days ago. They produced two very pretty babies. Both of them are partial pinners and look like they will develop into nice harlequins as they mature. I have no idea yet what color they will be but both parents are a nice… Read more »

Eventful Breeding Day

Yesterday, I found a hatchling wandering around my incubator. I got the hatchling, “Gecko 15,” all set up into a kritter keeper and went on with the rest of my day. I got some tanks cleaned, some new cage decorations set up, etc. Here’s a picture of him in the incubator. This guy sure knows… Read more »

New Eggs

So I found two new eggs from Pumpkin and Zeus the other day. I now have four eggs incubating from that pair and 15 eggs total. I lost one during that super heatwave we had 🙁 I did everything I could but the AC just could not keep up. Thankfully that hard work paid off… Read more »