Eventful Breeding Day

Yesterday, I found a hatchling wandering around my incubator. I got the hatchling, “Gecko 15,” all set up into a kritter keeper and went on with the rest of my day. I got some tanks cleaned, some new cage decorations set up, etc. Here’s a picture of him in the incubator. This guy sure knows how to pose with attitude.


Before bed, I caught Cera laying a pair of eggs. When I went to put them in the incubator, I discovered another little hatchling (“Gecko 16,” the clutchmate of the first guy) wandering around in there. Here he is, so new he hadn’t even had his first shed yet:

So that was my first time having geckos hatch and having more eggs laid in the same day. That brings the total to 30! geckos and 15 eggs for anyone keeping track.

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