More Geckos, More Eggs

The first eggs from the Cera and Spot pairing hatched a couple of days ago. They produced two very pretty babies. Both of them are partial pinners and look like they will develop into nice harlequins as they mature. I have no idea yet what color they will be but both parents are a nice yellow color (especially Cera) so I’m hoping they’ll look like mom. I haven’t gotten any good pictures of the second one yet (C2) but here’s a couple pictures of the first one (C1)

Fresh out of the egg.

In other news, my new red girl (still working on a name, maybe “Salsa”) laid her first pair of eggs for me. One is fertile, the other one doesn’t appear to be at this point, but it can take a few days for evidence (the “magic cheerio”) to show up. They are also stuck to each other. That is a fairly common thing, it just hadn’t ever happened to me yet, so I left them together and I guess we’ll find out how that goes. Wish me luck!

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