Live Arrival Guarantee:

For geckos that are shipped, someone must be present for first delivery attempt for this guarantee to be valid. If there is something wrong with an animal you have received, immediate notification (within 2 hours of delivery) is a must. In the very unlikely event of a DOA, photographic proof will be required before a refund is sent.

Sexing Policy:

If a sex is declared, then the sex is guaranteed. If it says probable/possible or simply not listed… it is not guaranteed. If a gecko was incorrectly sexed, a credit or refund will be offered (whichever the buyer would prefer). I will pay return shipping for the animal.


Geckos are shipped in individual deli cups in a carefully packed Styrofoam insulated box. I ship Priority Overnight via ShipYourReptiles (FedEx) with most deliveries guaranteed by 10:30am. Temperatures must be safe on both ends to ship and will always be up to my discretion. I will not risk the life and safety of my geckos because someone is too impatient to wait for safe weather. Heat packs or cool packs will be included at no additional charge when needed. Shipping is done on Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays [for Tue/Wed/Thu AM delivery]. I do not ship for Friday delivery to avoid the geckos being stuck in a FedEx hub over the weekend in case of a delay. Someone must be home to accept the package and I must receive an email or message within 2 hours of delivery confirming receipt and that the animal has arrived safely, otherwise the live arrival guarantee is void.


I accept Paypal and all payments need to be sent to on Paypal. For local sales, cash is also acceptable. Payments must be received before your animal is shipped or picked up. In order to hold a gecko, a 25% non-refundable deposit must be received. Payment plans and due dates will be determined as needed, however payment in full is expected within 30 days unless other arrangements are made. Payment plans are only available for purchases over $75. You must be over 18 years old to purchase geckos from me. If you are not, please have your parent/guardian contact me.


All photos on this website are property of Samantha’s Geckos unless otherwise expressed. Permission must be granted before using any of these photos for anything other than personal use (I.E. saving parent pictures for records).

If at any point you feel that you no longer can care for your animal, I will gladly take them back, but no refund will be given. If the animal needs to be shipped back, I may pay for the return shipping.

I reserve the right to refuse sales if I do not feel comfortable that the gecko is going to be cared for properly in his or her new home.

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