Vending at the Manchester, New Hampshire Reptile Expo

On October 9th, 2011, I had my first vending experience. I vended at the Manchester, NH Reptile Expo and had a great time. I didn’t sell very many geckos (3 geckos and a couple of bags of crested gecko diet) but I had a great time anyway. It was a good learning experience for me. It was a very large show with over 150 tables. I shared a table with a leopard gecko breeder so I didn’t have very much space. I didn’t have any signage or anything to attract people to my table. The deli cups that my geckos were in were not very good either as they were fairly opaque. I met a lot of other breeders at this show and picked up a nice pinstripe male (Dewey) from one of them.

The following weekend, I vended at the Northeast Reptile Expo in Bangor, ME. This was a much, much smaller show. I had a table to myself this time. I picked up some much clearer deli cups to display the geckos in and my husband and I made a big sign to display on my table. I also had a tablecloth but I forgot it at home so we had to pick up another one when we got there (unfortunately it didn’t match the sign). Here’s a photo of the table I had at the Bangor show.

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