Vending at the Manchester, NH Reptile Expo January 29th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago (on my birthday!) I vended at the Manchester, NH Expo again. This time went much better than last time as I had a lot more experience under my belt. I sold 7 out of 8 geckos that I wanted to sell. I brought 14 but priced 6 of them high because I was hoping to hold on to them for a bit longer and see how they grow (so far, so good!) Several Facebook Fans introduced themselves which was really cool. I also saw plenty of people that I’ve ┬átalked to on the Pangea forum.

I shared a table with Patrick from Action Reptiles. He bought some geckos from me before the Portland Expo in December and then offered to share a table with me if I ever wanted to. The tables are pretty expensive at the NH expo so it helps to share with someone. I think his selection of bearded dragons and ball pythons also helped draw people to the table and my big “Samantha’s Geckos” sign helped people notice me. I’m already planning to share a table with him again at the September 2012 NH Expo.

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