Vending at the Northeast Reptile Expo in Portland, ME

Earlier this month (December 4th, 2011), I vended at the Northeast Reptile Expo in Portland, ME. I had a great time there, it was hands-down the best show I vended so far. I didn’t expect to sell very many geckos at this one because I knew that there were going to be a lot of crested gecko breeders there but I actually did really well and sold almost every gecko that I brought. In total, I sold 14 geckos and did a couple of trades. Of course I had to buy a few as well, haha. Most of the transactions were within the first few hours so I was really busy. I met a ton of people this time and saw quite a few familiar faces. My parents came in to see me (this is the first show that was close enough to home). My mom had a great time but my reptile-hating dad didn’t make it to my table because someone took a 12-foot boa out of its cage at the table next to mine lol.

I was better prepared for this show than I had been for the first two. I remembered to bring my tablecloth this time which helped. I also brought along a couple of medium Kritter Keepers, a large Kritter Keeper, and a 20 gallon vertical tank all set up to demonstrate how to arrange a crested gecko cage. I think having the tanks there helped bring attention to my table and helped people see exactly what they would need to care for an adult crestie. I had a lot of people asking to buy them (they were not for sale) so in the future, I will bring a few of the large Kritter Keeper setups to sell with the hatchlings. I had a few bags of crested gecko diet with me and sold out of it quickly as none of the other breeders were selling food and it’s not available in most pet stores. I already can’t wait for the next show in February!

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